“AOP CORPORATION has worked with Ludmila Padrino for more than ten years. During that time she has provided us with a top quality customer service that has allowed us to streamline our processes without any problems. In addition to this, her services have proven to be a valuable work tool for us as she always keeps us abreast of the changes that occur in our field.”

Liseth Negrin
VP Administration www.aopsupply.com

“In EXPOMARCA, LLC we have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Ludmila Padrino Valderrama for the last ten years during which she has provided us with an excellent professional service in all matters relating to the legalization of documents, debt certificates and certified official translations. We can attest to the quality, professionalism and dedication of Trámites Consulares in each of the projects we have contracted with them, under the direct supervision of Dr. Padrino Valderrama, who in addition to being an exemplary professional, also has a great sense of community service.”

Ángel Pozo Expomarca, LLC
E-mails: Pozoa@aol.com

“On several occasions, for me personally and for SBM Atlantia, Inc. of which I am Marketing Manager for Latin America, I have used the professional services of Trámites Consulares headed by Dr. Ludmila Padrino Valderrama. I attest to the professional and efficient service she provides as well as her excellent personal skills and timely delivery at affordable prices.”

Oswaldo Pardo B.
Manager Sales and Marketing – Latin America SBM Atlantia
1255 Enclave Parkway Suite 600, Houston 77077 Texas.

“I am writing to recommend the professional services Ludmila Padrino has rendered to me and my company M&M Imports/Exports.
I have used the services of Trámites Consulares many times in the last 3-4 years in matters such as CADIVI Debt Certification, Proof of Existence, Letters of Intent and all the documents required to collect my Social Security pension and request the “CADIVI Pension Remittance.
I highly recommend her.”

Yajaira Medina-Marshall M&M Imports/Exports

“Trámites Consulares has assisted me and my family with all the official paperwork we’ve needed since we moved to Houston, including Apostille service, legalization of documents, travel permits for minors and passport formalities. Each time they have taken the time to explain to us the process and the estimated time of completion. We have always been totally satisfied with their excellent customer service, professional attitude, timeliness, clarity and prices. I wouldn’t think twice in recommending their services, and in fact I always do to my family, friends and colleagues”.

Professor Aymara Boggiano
University of Houston

“Trámites Consulares headed by Ludmila Padrino Valderrama has provided me with impeccable professional, efficient and timely services.
Dr. Padrino Valderrama prepared a complex and sensitive legal documents for me with a professionalism and assertiveness that have provided me with 100% satisfaction. I also would like to point out her warm disposition in providing an excellent customer service, because she makes us feel unique as clients.
I unreservedly recommend her services.”

Dr. Maite Castillo. PhD.

“I certify that Dr. Ludmila Padrino of Trámites Consulares has provided my wife and me an exemplary service in processing and preparing all our official documentation, as well as the necessary translations and authentications for the immigration authorities. I highly esteem and trust Dr. Padrino, and highly recommend her.”

Dr. Manuel Penso
Cirujano Cardiovascular mjpensot@hotmail.com

“Every time I need to process consular documents I turn to Trámites Consulares. Ludmila, the head of the company, is very reliable and efficient in carrying out the process on time and the fees are very affordable. I recommend her 100%. I hope you’re still dedicated to helping our Venezuelan community; I need a Ludmila in every country I move to!”

Marisela Salazar
e-mail: marisela_77449@yahoo.com

“Trámites Consulares is the best option available in processing documents at the Consulate in Houston; Ludmila is proactive and willing to solve the problems of those who do not live in Houston because it is difficult and expensive for us to travel there every time we need to do some diligence. She is an honest person, and I personally and wholeheartedly recommend her; every time I call I know I will have a sure and timely solution. Excellent customer service.”

Regards, Lourys Bruzco

“I think it suffices to say that Ludmila Padrino’s work and the services of her company Trámites Consulares are excellent.”

Marlyn C Martínez
Credit Manager m.martinez@tubesupply.com

“I, María Eugenia Cárdenas de Díaz, hereby declare that I personally know Ludmila Padrino Valderrama, who has proved to be a serious, responsible and highly professional person. I highly recommend all the professional services provided by her company Trámites Consulares.”

Ma. Eugenia Cárdenas de Díaz
Email: mec.diaz@hotmail.com

“I, Alvin La Grenade, live in Dallas, TX but I carry out my consular affairs in Houston. A couple of years ago I had the good fortune of being introduced to Trámites Consulares, the company headed by Attorney Ludmila Padrino Valderrama. During this time I have used the services of Consular Formalities four times and have been pleased and satisfied with the efficient service, personal attention and professionalism of this company. I had the pleasure of recommending the services of Trámites Consulares on several occasions, confident that it provides the same excellent service at a reasonable cost they provide me. I recommend them wholeheartedly. If you can’t hoof it all the way to Houston and go through all the inconveniences that this journey entails, you have an option called “Trámites Consulares.”

Ing. Alvin La Grenade
Sr. Engineer Alvin.Lagrenade@atmosenergy.com

“The services provided to me by Trámites Consulares have been of an excellent quality and delivered on time. Additionally, their personal attention to their customers has always been highly professional, warm and friendly, which generates a sense of security and confidence to Venezuelans living abroad. All these are fundamental reasons for highly recommending the services of Trámites Consulares to process your consular documents no matter how complicated, with the assurance that they will solve your requirements as well as lend you a trustworthy helping hand.”

Blanca Jeremías vortice.bj@gmail.com

“I am pleased to testify that the consular services company, led by Dr. Ludmila Valderrama, provides an invaluable service to guide its users not only in terms of U.S. consular procedures, particularly for the Venezuelan community in Texas, but also providing news general interest. I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Godfather in my capacity as Public Interpreter and I can recommend their services highly. “

Beatriz Nunez
Public Interpreter beatriznunezq@gmail.com

“Dear Sirs:
I am pleased to address you on the opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with the services provided by the company to both the members of my family, and my person.
This includes not only the satisfaction of administrative arrangements, but the human support provided in each of them. ”

Melon & Melon, Attorneys Caracas. Venezuela

“In my experience, efforts by the company” consular services “and the person of its representative Ludmila Valderrama godfather to my transfer of furniture and moving to Venezuela, was very professional and as an excellent catalog. I can comment in advance that Dr. Godfather Valderrama is one of the few professionals in their field providing a service so spectacularly well, I really felt very well served by your company and your special person, and I am order for anything that can bring me to witness their excellent services. “

Atte. Antonio Cabrera Quintana.

“We, the family Avellaneda Matteo, we join in order to give the best references of their work, have always been the best. Our son is studying in the city of Dallas Texas. The assistance of “consular services” in all matters related to the streamlining of the documents required by CADIVI, to obtain the “Remittance Student” has been of vital importance. Dr. Godfather, has always taken special care to help my son and many of his companions, that they can obtain the necessary documents on time and comply with the time periods stipulated by the relevant Order. I honestly believe that having their valuable collaboration is a blessing. “

Matteo Avellaneda Augustine
e-mail: aaao2003@gmail.com

“Ludmila is a professional that I can recommend with your eyes closed to all those who need legal services. She has helped me and my children in everything that we needed, from a simple translation of a document to a complicated consular processing . In addition, it keeps us informed with news of interest to everyone. Just thanks !!!!”

Margarita Escobar Sapp

“Consular procedures, under the able leadership, professionalism and dedication of Advocate Godfather Ludmila Valderrama, has meant to me and my family, a quiet and a blessing to have that connection to important and necessary legal between the American and Los the United States. Their services are always beyond expectations, while maintaining its reliability, responsibility and honesty in all its commitments to its customers. Consular Formalities should definitely be a reference and an important guide to include in its next legal connection between the U.S. and Latin America and have no hesitation in recommending them. “

Leonardo A. Brito Landa
Oil and Gas Planner / Scheduler


Antonio Pulido [pulidoantonio@hotmail.com]

“We are a large family, and through the years, Ludmila has been indispensable part in all our documentation processes. I really would not know without your help. Ludmila is a very professional, serious, while serving with us extreme affection, understanding and patience to explain each procedure. We recommend it 100%. I congratulate Ludmila, Thanks for everything and move on, we have no doubt of your success! “

Family Penso Jacqueline Penso-Vera
Art Director | 281.330.3706

“I, Frederick A. Gotz A, hereby certify that I know personally and professionally to Dr. Ludmila Valderrama since September 2000 when we attended the largest and most efficient professionalism to my late wife Isabel Itriago of Gotz (who died in May 2005) and me, in all consular formalities related to: medical billing and legalization of same for the purpose of giving the required value for the corresponding insurance in my country Venezuela. Also I can say that we were advised by it efficiently for more and better results in both these proceedings and in personal situations during our visits (which were numerous in those 5 years) to Houston, Texas. Subsequent to that date, Ms. Valderrama has been, with the best disposition and without any selfishness, very useful element in all my personal questions and my family in relation to consular matter, so I can not hesitate widely in recommending their professional services. ” After twenty days of October 2010.

Federico A. Gotz A.

“THE PERSON IS GOING TO GIVE MY OPINION, IS KNOWN BY ITS gifts of intelligence, excellent legal professional, responsible, with a high value of duty, CONCERNED THAT YOUR WORK COME ON TIME, AND WHERE ARE NEVER IN SUCH DOCUMENTS, no objection SO GREAT I GIVE MY APPROVAL. AS SHE MAY NEED TO TAKE ANYONE GIVE GOOD WORK. Without further ado REFERENCE TO DO. ”


“I have the conviction that there is a lawyer more attentive, dedicated and generous, that whenever I had any need of their services in Port Arthur Texas, despite the distance, no problem it has helped us has trusted us , provided their work is quality. It has never been corrected or the Consulate and the same in Venezuela. It has been a professional that neither the troubles in which we have to walk, or time, has always attended with patience and professionalism. In addition to all telephone inquiries that we often do and which do not charge us anything.
For me it is the best. I wish a thousand hits and follow succeeding. “

Maria Gabriela Pentón

“To Whom It May Concern:
I am a Venezuelan who had the good fortune to come to Texas after my arrival, I followed the steps, my brother, my parents, my brother from Spain and finally my sister, all these movements generate an endless amount of paperwork and documents among an infinite number of entities, complex and difficult to handle. For all of us with a single call to Ludmila is all that is needed. Always delivers results on time, without confusion errors or excuses, his charming personality and great ability to coordinate events is extremely significant from the first moment, which makes a great professional Ludmila. “

Carlos Penso
Katy, Texas www.closellc.com

“Ludmila has been a very diligent and effective in the processing of consular documents for my family, including those related to passports, consular records, faith lives, and so on. For people who live outside of Houston, consular procedures represents an ideal choice, taking into account the valuable accessories that offer, as well as the speed and secrecy with which they treat their customers. “

Gustavo Fernandez

“Consular Formalities first thing that comes to mind whenever we see a need for support in the preparation of documents or related services both to our country as those involving negotiations with national headquarters here in America. This results from the disposal of Ludmila always attentive to the advice and guidance and its ability to efficiently deal with such requirements. “

Tyrone Perdomo

“Working with consular procedures and Ludmila is really a great advantage and pleasure. She always responds quickly and successfully to any of our requests and concerns ranging from counseling CADIVI procedures (cases of retirees and pensioners), sale of real estate and renewal of passports. It shows that you know in detail their work, for which their services have enabled us to save time and peace of mind that our efforts will be concretized favorably, it is also a very responsive, attentive and friendly. “

Carloand Irma Pena-Pena and Karina Wong